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Lockheed EC-121 Constellation (N6937C) - Lockheed L-1049G Super Constellation N6937C was displayed at the Rockin Airfest 2005 at the Van Nuys Airport on Sunday May 15, 2005. It arrived on Friday, May 13 at a quarter to one in the afternoon.
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Lockheed EC-121 Constellation (N6937C)


Lockheed L-1049G Super Constellation N6937C was displayed at the Rockin' Airfest 2005 at the Van Nuys Airport on Sunday May 15, 2005. It arrived on Friday, May 13 at a quarter to one in the afternoon.


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Peter Gates
Perhaps one of the most beautiful airliners ever built!
Walter Zamorano
I agree with Peter, beautiful aircraft, good job Brian
Barbara Woody
Beautiful !!!
Mariano Rosito
When was the last one built?
What a beauty!
I flew on one when I was 16. Great plane.
There was a window in the lavatory!
Just stunning!....
Bob Bell
I saw this airplane at the Airline History Museum in Kansas City in 2010. It had been awaiting an engine overhaul for several years at the time. The museum is/was supported by a large number of former TWA employees who volunteered many hours to maintain and fly this aircraft as well as a Martin 404 and a Douglas DC3. Lockheed built a large number of Constellations for the Air Force and the Navy. The Navy tried to modify the Constellation substituting large turboprop motors for the PW R3350s, but severe vibration problems could not be overcome.
Claudia Santos
I dream of the day I will be able to attend an air show and maybe be lucky enough to see and ear the sound of a L - 1049 flying. Love the old sky birds. Brazil on line.
First acrft type I ever flew on, KSFO, PHNL, PWAK,ROAH, a TWA Connie much like this one. What an adventure for a young boy.
We used to take my Grandmother to Midway in Chicago where she'd walk out on the tarmac and climb stairs to board one of these beauties.
What in the world is the speed of the camera used to take this photo? Those propellers appear motionless.

Just a ton of great memories of the Connie and TWA when it was headquartered in Kansas City. Thanks so much for posting and sharing such a great picture.
An outstandig example of the most beautiful passenger aircraft ever! My first flights were on EAL Connies, RT from Washington DC to Charlotte, NC when I was about 12 years old. (That was about 1957 or so). traveled solo to visit my Aunt and Uncle and cousins in Charlotte, but the flights were the highlight of the vacation.
Robert Bell
What a beautiful Airplane that was in its day!
Love the old Connie. This picture does her proud. A sharp photo with great exposure. I'm guessing shutter priority setting to stop those props in mid air!
Now, that is something special
Leonard Shilton
One of the prettiest EVER! Note the reverse flow cooling system on the engines. Different.
Thomas Reed
What a beautiful airplane! I took my first" Fam Trip" as a controller at ZID ARTCC on one of these from IND to STL. As I recall, the jump seat was behind the Captain and back up against the fuselage wall with no view but it was a thrill to ride on this airplane. Then on to PHX on a TWA 707 where the crew gave us a great tour of the Grand Canyon.
Did you notice that the props are in sync? Nice job by the engineer.
Brings back memories!
Randall Wesson
This is the only aircraft I've seen that appears to be flying just sitting on the ground! Beautiful!!!
Currently going under taxi trials and being certified by the FAA.
Bror Monberg
Perfect! Maybe the best pic of a Constellation out there. How can something this beautiful also fly?!
Pierre Cantin
Photo éblouissante ! Bravo.
Donald Macomber
To think it was built just a couple miles away...
Tyler Emtage
I may be wrong, but was this aircraft ever involved in an accident?
Hi Tyler, the picture of 6937C in the dirt was taken during the filming of a movie winter of 89? We dug a trench and pulled the Connie into it. The group then built a plywood surface around the lower half of the fuselage and covered with dirt to make it looked like it had belly landed. After filming was done the aircraft was pulled back onto solid pavement and departed Blythe. Hope that helps!
William Mihok
The good old days!
Curtis Glasco
That is one ugly aircraft
Steve McClellan
This was an amazing aircraft to fly in. Back in the day, 1995. I had the opportunity to skydive out of this beauty. At a Skydiving convention in Quincy Illinois.
Bryce Johnson
I dont know the right term... triple rudders i guess? well the "triple rudders" look beautiful.
I believe Mr. Howard Hughes took delivery, possession, and first flight of the first Super Connie for TWA.
Michael Hoare
Great Pic of a Connie we also have an airworthy Super Connie at our museum in Australia called HARS as good looking as this Connie.
Bill Merriner
My first aviation job as Flight Engineer at the age of 23 in 1966. Still flying at age 77.
a mentor
The C-121 was a military version (as was L-049). The first civilian type was the L-649/749. The "Super Connie" was the L-1049 with a longer fuselage.
The Lockheed EC-121 Warning Star was derived from the L-1049, using 2 large radomes (a vertical dome above and a horizontal one below the fuselage).
Flew on a Constellation three weeks before and two weeks after birth.
Absolutely loved the flights, and, still love the Lockheed Constellation!
This photo make my mind like to eat polkagris sweets from Sweden :) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polkagris
John Hansen
I flew on one 11/15/1965 out of Los Angeles to Fort Polk, Louisiana
Paul Lehmann
Congratulations ... nice shoot
Steve Scott
Road on the TWA Constellation between NYC and Paris... when they ran routes.
Steve Scott
(This waa'nt the EC- Electronic Counter Measures Plane..... as it is painted.
Jose Villafane
I remember them flying over Manhattan in the 50's
Kathleen Bangs
Now THAT’S a beauty.
Jadon Loveless
Beautiful Bird
Michael Hultmann
Amazing picture
Bob Haggard
I flew on Constellation in 1959 from Philippines to USA, don't know where we landed. Lost engine and had to detour to Midway Island. Spent the night. Got to see gooney birds act out. Got to go to the cockpit and see all the stuff. Oh, I was 9 years old. Seats on the plane faced to tail, not forward. Box meals.
Robert Kap
As a kid growing up a few miles away from JFK Airport, (Idlewild back then). There was not a more beautiful aircraft in the sky than a Connie with TWA markings.
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