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How to Use the FlightAware App for travel

You might already know this, but... ;) includes How-to video! ( 更多...

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I love this app.
About 13 years ago or so, my flight from PIT-STL was cancelled due to mechanical issues. I got on FlightAware and found another flight from PIT-CLT-STL and told the gate agent about it. She found it and I was the only one that was added on that flight in the early AM and everyone else had to go later in the PM. Saved me like 12 hours.
Few things i did not know. Thanks
Bill Overdue 1
Great app, I use it to research aircraft I'm considering buying, or previous owner registration. Very useful tool(s) to assist in so many ways.
Jim Burkett 1
I love the FlightAware app. It provides information about the inbound flight, gate changes, delays, and cancellations before the gate agent or airline app does. I was waiting for a flight during the winter at DEN when the agent announced the flight would be delayed about a half-hour. I looked at the inbound flight and it was still sitting at a gate 5 hours away. I called the airline and changed to the next flight out before any other waiting passengers knew what was going on. I also use the ATCLive app. The two of these provide great situational awareness especially at DEN during the winter.
Steven Wells 0
I think it’s great. You found out a lot will comes in and out of your city.


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