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Lawmakers offer compromise that would add seven flights at Reagan National

A bipartisan group of lawmakers has revised its plan to add more flights at Reagan National Airport, offering a measure that would add seven round trips instead of the 28 the group originally sought. In testimony before the House Rules Committee on Monday evening, Rep. Burgess Owens (R-Utah) said adding seven additional round trips was a more than generous compromise that would “would pose no threat to existing services” at National, while improving access. “Every American should have the… ( 更多...

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ko25701 4
I'd rather see improvements to highways and rail service. Fix Amtrack!
ExPatHere 3
That’s because this is the airport where most of Congress fly in and out of their home states.
bdarnell 5
“Every American should have the opportunity to visit their nation’s capital and witness their government in action,”

There shouldn't be a space between the last two words.
Jay Cee -1
Generally, things are better when congress is stalemated. It is the rule making bureaucrats who do most of the damage today.
smsatgnv -1
Joe Keifer -1
Now that the Metro Silver line is up and operational, I think they should shut down Reagan National Airport forever!
Anna Gray -3
We noise sensitive Autistic people plan to sue Ronald Reagan National Airport out of existence and hopefully close it down. Aircraft noise from this airport has caused us incalculable harm. Ronald Reagan National Airport is a cancer tumor on the body of local community. It was built on community fraud and must not be allowed to exist. There is literally no point in having it. Ask communities of Georgetown Mount Vernon and the Palisades how they feel about this accursed airport and disability abusing accursed airlines that use it.
Jay Cee 4
Too bad they built that airport after you arrive on the scene! Oh, the airport was there before you? Your unfortunate situation is the result of your own choices. It is time to make different ones, rather than try to shut down an essential airport.
The airport has been there since 1941, when did you get here?


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