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Ryanair: “Never Say Never” On Acquiring Widebody Aircraft

Ryanair didn't exactly rule out acquiring widebody aircraft going into the future. ( 更多...

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Hey Ryanair - how about joining Norse and Play with some initial New York flights.

Say Birmingham, EMA, Manchester, Glasgow to SWF Stuart Field as JFK is rammed (and United are moving slowly back in there).

LHR/LGW are over provisioned and it’s terrible getting to these 2 airports. The WCML Train to Birmingham is easy/cheap a relatively trouble free.
… with an option to use the US Pre-Immigration Facility at Dublin Airport.

Having recently used it - from BHX with Aer Lingus - it’s great and a huge time saver there… as was the separate annexe facility on the return from Newark that removed everyone from the normal scrum at security to a swlwrate small location.
Steve Pearce 0
Living barely 2 miles (as the crow flies) from BHX, I would fully support direct flights to the US from Birmingham. Many have tried previously, some of whom even got the odd flight away, but none were of the scale of Ryanair and all ultimately failed or withdrew.

Given the scale of Ryanair's fleet and timetable at BHX, it could serve a useful hub and spoke model to bring people in from Europe with a transfer onto a Ryanair flight across the pond - which would probably be supported by a healthy, but not bursting, local market for direct flights to the US - a market which cant sustain a flight on its own. So, e.g., you could fly from Ibiza/Faro/Prague to New York via a quick transfer at BHX. It's made easier without having to worry too much about luggage, Ryanair style. Whether flight timings would be conducive to all that though, I'm not sure.

But its probably a pipe dream, sadly.


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