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Sullenberger Abruptly Resigns as ICAO Ambassador

C.B. “Sully” Sullenberger, the pilot who successfully dead sticked an Airbus A320 to a safe landing on New York’s Hudson River in 2009 after hitting a flock of geese, said late last week that he would step down as U.S. envoy to the Montreal-based International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), effective this Friday (July 1). ( 更多...

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cyberjet 40
Let’s not read too much into this. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if his decision was based on the fact that ICAO can be an extremely pedantic and frustrating organization to deal with. There’s a very good reason that most people who serve there are long time bureaucrats - they’re accustomed to working in such an environment. For a man who spent his career flying missions / trips where he was in charge and decision making was a fairly simple and linear process, bureaucracy is mind numbingly stupid.
James Simms 2
Could be something we don’t know anything abt such as a medical issue (let’s hope not!!!) or maybe he just decIded he’s done all he wanted out of life & wants to smell the Roses/enjoy family life he still can….

Bottom line, it’s his decision & not for us to criticize…..
Dan Chiasson -6
I would add that he should have known this prior to joining as an "ambassador" for whatever that means.
Timothy Clark 12
The guy was a pilot, captan of an airbus and dealing with the bureaucracy for to long just wouldn't fly. I hope he finds fulfillment in whereever he goes next.
He's definitely a great pilot though. Props to him for his amazing landing all of those years ago.
I hope he will continue to fly but, where-ever he goes is up to him.
DaveRK 45
For a long time, the FlightAware forum(s) were always decent, reasonable and for the most part respectful of each other.
It seems the recent attitude "I'm smarter than you" has crept into these threads as well.

And to think of of these know-it-all have a pilot's license.
Dan Chiasson 32
A few points if I may:

1- I would suggest that this website has become more of a home for the "I/we am/are right, you are wrong" vs "I am smarter than you" mindset. It would be nice if participants could remain on-topic but since the buy-out of FlightAware, it has quickly devolved to not much more than a social media aimed at eyeball capture, poor editorial moderation, and lots of scattered BS.
2- Many, myself included, do not have licenses to fly but are aviation enthusiasts.
Martin Weaver 22
Dan, I agree with you. I'm a fifty-year aviation professional, but I respect and admire those of you who just love aviation along with me. Your interest and your place in this industry are just as important as the next person. I've met lots of great people in aviation, but there are always those few who try to ruin it. You just keep on keeping on.
Jeff satterwhite 3
due to medical issues, I missed 50 consecutive years of flying in 2021. I am "giving back" with NIFA, the organization that promotes collegiate aviation, so aviation is still great! Go Sully, where you can best promote safety and our careers.
Leander Williams 11
In the words of Jack Webb.. Just the facts. It's like the news. We never hear "Just the news" nowadays. Every anchor has to add their 2 cents. Whatever happened to guys like Edward R. Murrow, Walter Cronkite [who was called the most trusted man in America at one time], David Brinkley, Peter Jennings, and others? Now, I just rather read the news and skip the commentary. I respect the people on this site that know what they are talking about, but I do occasionally get offended because I do not like being talked down to, even when it is not directly directed at me.
DaveRK 4
Totally agree, I had that conversation with a friend who's in the business about exactly that. Unfortunately too many in the seats have no idea about those days.
And IMO it's now OK to show one's arrogance and limited abilities.
Alan Glover 0
Hilarious if you think Cronkite et al were just reporting the "news".

Cronkite himself is attributed with the loss in Vietnam by giving his opinion on America's involvement.

Depending on who you speak to, it was borderline (ot worse) comsymp behaviour.

I hope we can agree that communism and its authoritarian handmaidens are a bad thing. ;)

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Dan Chiasson 7
Are you leaving Alan?
Alan Glover 1
Mike Ziemann 12
Dave, I agree with you about how this forum has really degraded. Having said that, I don't know the actual percentages, but I think a relatively small number of the folks here these days have a pilot's license. Just my speculation, but as word about FlightAware as a tracking tool started to spread outside the pilot community, to the general passenger population, the quality of the commentary here seems to have gone downhill. Not that pilots don't ever make stupid posts, or that non-pilots don't have insightful things to add, but as a whole it definitely seems to have become more toxic and less thoughtful.
Leander Williams 8
I don't have a pilot's license. I learned to fly the Cessna 172 in 1960 when I was 16. I wanted to be a pilot, but it was determined I was colorbline. I have been an aviation buff since the 60s, and I study accident reports. I subscribe to Mentour Pilot, Blancolirio, Captain Joe, VAS aviation, and a number of other sites. I think I am pretty knowledgeable, but I never profess to know more than the experts and I will ask questions when the need arises.
DaveRK 3
A very good point Mike, when I first joined, it was mostly pilot's and/or frequent travelers, a lot has changed in all that time.
DonDengler 1
Social media

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Gloria Johns 9
Gosh, Craig. I think we can look to you as an example of getting off-topic, and a bunch else that you say is wrong with this site.
Alan Glover 3
The countervailing information we posited in the beginning of this fiasco undermines your position.
Graeme Dennis 8
I hope it is not indicative of a health issue.
Craig Good 9
I was fortunate to meet and spend some time with Sully. He's the real deal. Whatever his reasons are, I'm confident that they are good ones.
George Jardim 6
This is the most dispiriting set of posts I’ve seen. This is an aviation forum, people. Not a place for half-witted political spouting. Comments about peoples’ political persuasion, and especially chauvinistic comments about preferred languages are irrelevant. Let’s keep it to aviation and airplanes. There are plenty of other places for expressing irrelevant opinions.
Alan Glover 1
One man's irrelevance is succor to another.

Half-witted is in the eye of the beholder and I guarantee you the traffic here (eyes on) has increased exponentially since related topics are permitted ( Do you think the mods wouldn't shut us down if it didn't increase awareness 😏 of the site?)

I can tell you my first comments came after someone gave their opinion on an article from a political standpoint and while I never start a conversation about current affairs I will not let an, in my opinion, uniformed and less than accurate statement stand.

We are in very divisive times and it is important to attempt to change a negarive narrative rather than let it fester on.

Again, in my opinion.

Besides, I read the articles and appreciate the emphasis on aviation and its importance in our lives.

Plus it's ever so cool.
Scott Shields 13
I think it's more to do with the recent passage of Bill 96 in Quebec (French Language Laws). This law could make it impossible for Sully to effectively communicate in the province he now calls home. From going to the doctor to getting his drivers license, if he can't speak French, he's out of luck.

From the CBC:

"The new law significantly affects the lives of newcomers from outside Canada in Quebec.

Under the new rules, refugees and immigrants moving to Quebec will be allowed to get services in English or another language for the six months after their arrival.

After that, all government services will be exclusively in French, unless it falls under one of the exceptions of "health, public safety or the principles of natural justice."

Those offering services to the new arrivals will have to do so in French.

So, for example, if a government worker was helping an immigrant whose first language is Italian, even if the worker also spoke Italian, the worker would still be obligated to only use French."
Stefan Sobol 6
I seriously doubt that Sullenberger is a resident of Quebec. He likely lives in the US and travels to ICAO in Montreal (or elsewhere) as required. The French language law in Quebec does not apply. He is the US "ambassador" to ICAO so it follows that he is still a US resident.
Dan Golembeski 13
I shouldn't have clicked on this link, as minority language issues are a hot-button issue but how could I know? I just was wondering if this was the famous pilot. But what you are saying here is pure speculation, beyond the pale. Let Sully explain why; trying to give a reason for him comes across as Tabloid press. If he's upset about language laws, let him say. Maybe the job wasn't what he thought it would be. Heck, maybe he even speaks French and that's not an issue. I just think people need to not only be cordial here, they also should remain within the realm of reasonable comments on a given story.
suze2000 8
What the heck kind of xenophobia is this from the Quebecois?
Alan Glover 25
The usual kind.

I'm a Montrealer.

Although I wouldn't call it xenophobia ( not that it doesn't exist. Some French Quebekers still refer to anglophones such as myself who has lived here for 70 years as "les autres"...."The others"...), I'd classify it as low self-esteem.

Any identity group who "feels" threatened usually claims rights and privileges over others.

The exact opposite of liberty.
Dan Golembeski 5
If you want to discuss this, i'd be happy to do so with you, but this is a flight forum, so I will refrain. Just send me a separate message.
Yassine Cherfouni 3
I would like to look at it from a different prospective. FlightAware , an aware flight .
It’s like looking into a mirror, the reflection will transmit your image . We learn everyday, if we can “ learn one thing a day , we will learn 365 things a year “In my logical opinion , I don’t have a problem with “ people being smarter than me “ As long as we can learn from each other’s ideas , share experience , respectfully engaging with each other be professional by telling fascinating stories and positive feedback .
“ please prepare for landing “
DaveRK 1
As Dan pointed out, "smarter than..." was not very accurate in this case.
blueashflyer 5
I am available for call up
linbb 7
Yes he did a great job saving lives but, well gee there was a pilot of a 737 that did the same when tasked with two engines out. But was not news worthy like his as it played out in another state down south. He landed on a strip of land by a dike. No injuries or damage to the aircraft. He was faced with either putting into the water or swamp instead laded on a grass area.
claude mccutcheon 14
I actually lived near the levee where the pilot dead-sticked a 737 to a safe landing after he lost both engines during a heavy thunderstorm over New Orleans. It was an amazing landing, one Bob Hoover would have been challenged to perform! Seems like that was around 1985. No one was badly hurt and the airplane wasn’t damaged. I think it was a South American airline and flight crew.
redeshazer 4
He didn't deadstick right after takeoff did he?
Paco Arechiga 10
It was a TACA flight 110, 737-300, coming from Belize City to New Orleans. They flamed out on approach while transiting through a thunderstorm and made quick decisions that in the end saved the lives of all aboard. Kudos to the flight crew!
claude mccutcheon 4
Yep, TACA. I’d forgotten. I think he may have also considered trying to land at New Orleans Lakefront Airport, which was closer than New Orleans International, but realized he wouldn’t be able to make it. I can’t remember whether they flew the airplane out of there or put it on a barge and got it out of there.
Paco Arechiga 9
They changed out the engines, then fueled the aircraft to the bare minimum and took off from Jupiter Road nearby and flew to KMSY for further maintenance. The plane is now actually in storage at Pinal Airpark, NW of Tucson, AZ. In the current Google Maps satellite image of the airpark, the aircraft is situated at the far SW corner of the field right behind a 747 and is is Southwest Airlines livery as they were the last users of that aircraft, registered as N697SW.
redeshazer 3
Admirable performance! Saving lives in the face of impossible odds! That's A Pilot! No argument there! No thrust, no lift,No options for a goaround,ditch or dead!That's all I'm saying! Retirement is no longer an option for this person? Can't we let them be?
Alan Dahl 5
Here is a great interview with Captain Dardano, the pilot of that flight not just on that incident (which wasn't his closest call!) but on his entire carrier in aviation. Once again this guy is the real deal!
sconklan 7
That Pilot did a fantastic job, but it wasn't captured on film. Sully's landing and the subsequent rescue was all captured on film. That got the Press's attention. The Central American pilot was lauded, however.
Alan Glover 7
Not only caught on camera but happened in the media capital of the world.

Cameras everywhere during the rescue.

Not to be overlooked was the immediate availability of dozens of ferries and other watercraft.

5 miles offshore would have been a different story.

Still, Sully was cool as a cucumber and a "top gun" as far as I'm concerned.
Canuk52 2
And they flew it out! Perhaps Captain Dárdano can assume the ambassadors role?
redeshazer 7
Do we start Gate Checking, or Door Checking ones Political Affiliation? Let's get our heads out of our Backsides! Start respecting human lives again! Hello!?
cyberjet 2
How noble of you. Doesn’t hold much water though after your snide comment about Canada.
redeshazer 4
Regardless of Political position! I respect the results of ones endeavor!

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Jeff satterwhite 3
Sully flew as an FO with my next door neighbor at PSA.
Jeremy Bennington 5
FAA Administrator for his next role?
paul trubits 4
jmilleratp 3
Or Candy Crush. One or the other. :-)
sparkie624 3
Very Curious Would be interesting to see what he does next
Chris B 1
They have an agenda and his honesty didn't fit.
Richard Loven -3
An Ambassador’s job is better served by a floor flusher who can talk smoothly out of both sides of his mouth all day and say nothing. This is not a job for an accomplished pilots or surgeons who are used to making meaningful fast decisions. They need a consummate bureaucrat like Tony the Fauci.
htummond 1
Dan Chiasson 0
Or a Ron Doh! Samtis.
DonDengler -3
He’s a disappointment. Canada??? Come on, man.

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Dan Chiasson 2
Makes sense. My guess is that as an international governing agency, such an organization has more than its fair share of management politics and it is perhaps this point that was the reason for his resignation. Sullenberger is the only one that knows.
bbabis 2
Wow, did you ever tee it up high with that first sentence. I'll be nice though.
Blue Skies.
w2bsa 2
It wasn’t that he couldn’t handle the job, it was the fact that Quebec decided that all government services will be exclusively provided in French. That doesn’t make Montreal a very hospitable place for an American since we speak English.
Dan Golembeski 3
Wait. Not all Americans don't speak French! And, does that make America an unhospitable place for anyone who doesn't speak English? I don't want to go on this topic here as it is a flight forum, but please contact me separately if you wish to discuss.
Dan Chiasson -3
It is pathetic that you appear to position yourself as some sort of self-professed expert based on 1/2 truths. Je suis Quebecois and I can say that your comments are both nieve and certainly off based in this forum. Living in Quebec and Canada provides us with the opportunity to live in a generally caring, homogeneous, and multi-cultural milieu which does appear to differentiate us from the ever-increasing polarity and tribalism as growing south of the 49th parallel. ICAO is global and those that participate in it are from countries with many languages and seem to be fine. Besides, Sullenberger is identified as an "Ambassador" and as such my guess is that he spent little time residing in Montreal. Only he can elaborate on the circumstances for his resignation so till then, best to keep the incendiary BS to a minimum.
Alan Kenfield 1
You do realize, I suppose, that your description of "ever-increasing polarity and tribalism south of the 49th parallel" would include the "tribalism" of Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Quebec City, Halifax, and a great many more Canadian cities? It's so unfortunate to see "the incendiary BS" which you are directing at your fellow Canadians. (For the record, I was born and raised 50 miles from Montreal).
Silent Bob -2
He didn’t have Jeff Skiles to carry him along!

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DonDengler -3
Leave this man alone. Who cares who someone works
For. Happy Fourth all !
William Robertson 0
He’s no Al Haynes, that’s for sure.

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cyberjet 10
Speaking of not deserving to be taken seriously, how sad it is when a personal choice is used to denigrate someone’s well-established professional reputation. Stop going to rallies and instead spend some time searching for your humanity.
Dennis Stockton 2
If he were not a Democrat, Tom Hanks would not have portrayed him in the movie.
HeissZephyr -6
So he wasn't leveraging his, "well-established professional reputation" when pulling for Biden? Sorry, he cannot separate the two now.
cyberjet 1
Give it a rest. If he’d campaigned for the other side, all we’d hear from you would be silence.
HeissZephyr -3
But he didn't. So now Sully owns this administration and their results. He owns pilots being vaccinated against their will and people falling from C-17s as much as successfully bringing down his stricken Airbus.

Perhaps Sully should have given it a rest before agreeing to be their influencer. My point is he has lost credibility with many.
cyberjet 1
Thanks for proving my point. Classic MAGA ignorance.
HeissZephyr 1
Woops! It appears Cyberjet and Gloria can't take their own advice to give it a rest. Ha ha! Let's see how disciplined they are going forward.
Gloria Johns 0
No, he hasn't.

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DaveRK 14
Do you ever discuss aviation, aviation safety, oh hell - aircraft in general?
In looking at your previous posts, you certainly seem to have a yearning to whine about politics you do not agree with.

There now you have something to whine about.

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Dan Chiasson 4
DaveRK has called you out. Think, post. Not the reverse.

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Bob Schwarz 0
A human being can just be spread so thin. Best wishes in your future endeavors. Keep your nose and your airspeed up. Bob. 1838447 CFIAI


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