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The Editor’s Corner #22 – Israel Banning Boeing 747s Will Have Massive Impact on Cargo Operators

Israel making the decision to ban Boeing 747 aircraft will have a massive impact on cargo operators going into the future. Welcome to The Editor's Corner. ( 更多...

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Kevin Becker 4
So Israel, say goodbye to Air Force One.
Colin Seftel 3
The article only mentions LLBG airport. Military airports will need to be exempt otherwise the IAF would have to ground their B707 based tankers and AEWs!
captainfourbars -1
Who wouldn't be pleased to see the end of closed airspace for miles in all directions for hours on end? But AF1 seems more of a statement than a need for 'Mr' President Biden. Like, Mine's bigger than yours'.
Chris B 8
So the 747f can carry 20% more weight than a 777f.

They'll need 6 777f for every 5 747f flights.

Prove to me that's more environmentally sensitive.

I'm waiting.
Paul Wisgerhof 7
20 engines turning on five 747s; 12 engines on six 777s.
btweston 5
Stand by for moving of goalposts…
pjshield 3
Just like California dictating everyone must drive electric cars and then warning folks not to charge the vehicles because of brownouts and electric power shortages.
Do they truly believe this is going to make any difference in the grand scheme of things?
Every single word of this comment is demonstrably wrong.
jbermo -2
No big deal considering California's policy IS preceded by most of Europe (2030) and followed by much of Asia (2040)
patrick baker 1
not necessarially: 777 freighters are employed by many cargo carriers , so sending any of those will work much of the time. This is a peculiar ruling by a county as it speaks to all cargo carriers not from a position of strength.
jbermo 1
Too many feathers are ruffled here as Israel's implication needs better clarification.
Egbert Broers 1
747’s cargo from all major cargo flightcompanys arrive en depart Schiphol on late night and night hours while hundreds of thousands don’t sleep well. And mind you, that’s a major issue for the health of the population.

So yeah, wrack the 747’s, they are as worse as the old dc8.
Sounds like a management problem to me.
Egbert Broers 2
It is ridiculous over here in Holland.
The whole situation in Schiphol is a mess.
Jerry W 1
Spent 5 hrs trying to get through Schiphol a week ago. The entire airport is completely dysfunctional!
kaz911 1
Having lived under the London Heathrow landing flightpath - both the 380 and 747 are by far the planes that make the most noise. 12 to 20 dBa more noise than most other planes.

@2000' ish feet above - 747's was at around 70-75 dBa and 380's at about 65-72 dBa.

Most other planes was below 55 dBa.

There are exceptions on the smaller aircraft but that seem more "driver" related than plane related.

The only noise source that was worse than 747's and 380's was Chinook helicopters peaking at 102-115 dBa @ 500' - Enough to crack the outside render on the walls on a couple of occasions. Yes render was not put on well either *G*.

12 to 20 dBa is a HUGE difference in noise. That is perceived as 2-3 times the noise for the human ear (roughly)
John Parsons 1
I was stuck in traffic at the end of Heathrow's runway when a Concord took off right overhead. The ground trembled and the car shook. If you think a 747 is loud you haven't heard anything. Mind you I'm glad I don't live under Heathrow's flightpath.
Other countries have not banned the whale...why Israel? Doesn't EL AL still fly 47's
Paul Evans 1
You’ve clearly not even read the link have you! It tells you in there the answer to your question! 🤷‍♂️
avionik99 1
There will be exceptions!
captainfourbars 0
The irony is that Israel is tiny and any reduction in air pollution in her airspace benefits her Arab neighbours infinitely more than themselves. Israel's own air is immaculately clean, coming as it does most of the time straight off the Med, and their power stations are no longer coal-fired. Their only air pollution now is probably from their barbecues! The reaction in this case is more emotional than practical, due to the universal love for the Grand Old Lady of the skies, the 747. Funny how the A380 never attracted that affection. The 747 was special.
Jerry W 1
The 380 certainly has attracted that affection, if only from its grateful passengers. Most comfortable aircraft there is.
If it were up to yours truly, Tel Aviv would be seeing very few twins and a whole lotta tri-jets.

I gotta be me.
Alan Glover -2

The Russians are flaring 10 million $ of ng every day.

If local exhaust pollution is the concern then find the cheapest solution but carbon dioxide is the gas of life so this better not be about climate hysteria.
btweston 4
You know just enough to be wrong.


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