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The Future of Airports – a new model from an old tradition

An ancient art form — the mosaic — serves as a guide for new-world advances in data management … and major opportunities for airports, according to Collins Aerospace general manager, airport solutions Rakan Khaled, who makes the case in this Op-Ed contribution for Runway Girl Network. ( 更多...

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Dan Chiasson 7
Yawn,,, this is more advertising than anything else
James Werner 6
This looks like a solution looking for a problem. He presumes everyone will have access to the cloud, but I have found wifi connections to be spotty, and at some airports, expensive, and although charging resources are improving, they are not yet sufficiently available. And, I'm not sure I'm comfortable with linking my devices to an airport network that creates another hacking risk.

Here's a real problem to tackle: misleading flight performance data. The FAA keeps so much data for on-time/delay statistics that let airlines manipulate their data to appear more on-time than they are. Landing, or touch-down times are meaningless and misleading. The only flight performance datum that means anything is when the door opens at the gate so that I can get off the plane. When I traveled a lot in the past, I kept a spreadsheet of exactly that so that I could both keep track of my flight travels, but also look at airline performance that could influence my ticketing choices. I saw that some airlines' "arrival" statistics were far different from my door-opens-at-the-gate metric.

Keep the monitors and infrastructure. If you want to do anything marketable for your company, have them figure out a way to help the airports keep flight data up-to-date so that we know immediately what the real, actual departure times are.


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